HydroPeptide: Sweet Ingredients Transform Skin

If you're like me and stay as far away from the kitchen as possible, you can still put the holiday's best ingredients to work. HydroPeptide uses cocoa and vanilla are incredibly powerful anti-aging elements and keep skin glowing while protecting from harsh winter weather. So embrace the yummy ingredients inspired by the season and keep skin healthy - effortlessly. 

HydroPeptide's Firming Moisturizer, $96: Packed with cocoa, this lotion is a lifesaver. I keep it on my desk and use it throughout the day to moisturize and correct spots and scars on my hands and arms. Plus, it also helps firm skin and reduces stretch marks, wrinkles and even cellulite. Use on the entire body for a great smelling boost of extra hydration plus a long list of skin-loving, anti-aging benefits. 

HydroPeptide Power Serum, $136: One of the brand's best selling products, vanilla protects skin and reverses damage caused by free radicals. This means putting a stop to the aging process including dreaded fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Not only does the serum protect and prevent, it also contains promotes strength and increases firmness for glowing skin that's healthy from the inside out. 

One of my absolute favorite skincare companies, HydroPeptide is definitely worth paying a little bit more for. A little goes a long way and it's hard to find products that actually work. I have been using the product for about a month and I've really noticed a difference on my face but also on my face and arms. On my arms, I have some sun damage and a few scars and using the Firming Moisturizer a few times a day has really diminished these imperfections. It also gives me peace of mind to know that I am protecting my skin from future damage aging isn't even an option. 

Get the Firming Moisturizer and Power Serum at hydropeptide.com