Scrub Love: Flora Apothecary

Living in Phoenix, I've been obsessed with Flora Apothecary, a handmade skincare and body line that's local to my home state. Their high-quality products don't just work wonders for your skin, they also smell amazing and are all natural, non-toxic and vegan. Sans harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates and more, the line uses natural oils, botanicals and mood-balancing aromas that heal skin and make you feel good from the inside out.

Constantly battling dry skin, their Deva Exfoliating Body Polish is a staple at my house. The fresh blend of oil and sea salt scrubs away dryness and is perfect for the bath, shower and I even keep it sinkside and use it after I wash my hands to stave off dryness.

Super hydrating, this salt-based scrub is tough enough to banish parched skin, self tanner and dull skin.

Why I like it: Not your usual scrub, this scrub is gritty and the salt really digs deep and buffs away dry skin. It doesn't hurt, but you can definitely feel it working. Plus, after you scrub, you're left with a light, layer of oil which quickly seeps into skin. If you're looking for a glow and you're skin isn't that dry, this is the perfect way to quickly scrub in the shower and get away without wearing lotion.

The best part: It smells amazing. Just strong enough, you (and your bathroom) will smell like lavender and hyacinth - a unique blend that feels luxurious, without being overpowering.

The 16 ounce scrub is $30 and a little goes a long way. I'm an over product user and one scrub lasts me 4-6 months. Get yours online at be sure to check out the rest of their products at