Brush Up: Foundation Application 101

It's summer, it's hot and let's be honest - caked-on foundation is never a good look. To get that smooth, flawless look like you just left the makeup counter, the first thing you need is a good brush. My favorite is Lancome's Foundation Brush #2 ($35), but if you're ballin' on a budget (no shame there) I also like E.L.F.'s Essential Foundation Brush ($2).

Next up,  you get to pretend to be an artist. I like to use my hand as a palette. Put a little foundation on your hand then dip you're brush in literally like you're going to paint.

If you need a little extra blending action, pat excess foundation in with a beautyblender. If you're in a pinch and don't have any tools with you, use your fingers over a sponge. Sponges make application uneven and absorbs most of your foundation which will make your skincare stash disappear in no time.  

After application, rubbing alcohol is my go-to. Spray a little on your brush and rinse under cool water.Lay flat to dry and your foundation brush will love you. You'll also notice less breakouts from using clean tools.