Z Skin Cosmetics Review

Z Skin Cosmetics, an organic line of skincare, makeup and beauty essentials was awesome enough to send me a ton of their products to try out - and I'm officially obsessed! More and more,  natural skincare companies are crating products that are good for skin and effective. What I like about Z Skin Cosmetics is that it has really helped keep my skin hydrated during winter, without breaking out. I have been using a combination of their products, both from their age defying and acne line and my skin has been clear and healthy-looking ever since. 

Below are my top five products from the line. Hope you like them as much as I do!

xx Carolyn

1. Retinique Prescription Strength Organic Retinol, $18.95: So effective (and inexpensive for Retinol!) this cream is my go-to in the morning. With an SPF of 45, the formula is light and you can't tell there is a spec of sunscreen in it. Without irritating my skin or peeling, I've seen improvement with dark spots and my skin has never been clearer. This is a must-have!

2. Coffee Face Scrub, $18: There's nothing better aster a workout than a scrub. This stuff smells amazing and the caffeine in it makes my skin feel refreshed and awake. Infused with coconut oil, avocado oil and grapeseed oil, has been essential for keeping my skin hydrated during winter and leaves my skin feeling fresh and firm overtime I use it.  

3. Acne Nighttime Exfoliating Face Wash, $16.95: After a long day, this creamy cleanser leaves my face feeling super clean without drying side effects. I use it with my Clarisonic to dissolve all face makeup and can't go to bed without using it first. 

4. Acne Night Lotion, $18.95: I love a good night lotion and this cream is amazing. It hydrates while keeping my skin clear and not clogging pores. I wake up every morning to skin that looks refreshed and breakout free. 

5. Banish: Dark Bags & Circles, $17.95: Another product I cannot live without, a good concealer is essential to my makeup routine. The bonus: this product also contains SPF 25 so my skin is extra-protected.